Who am I?

That's me - in the restaurant at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, April 2013

This blog has been created by Adelaide journalist and former Messenger and Sunday Mail editor Megan Lloyd for her own pleasure.

It is intended for like-minded people who want a space free from politics, sport and crime.

Its aim is to distill the essence of my hometown – at least the bits I’m interested in – as well as sharing relevant and interesting information from across the web, stirring in the odd observation or two.

This is a platform to share and discover.

It is for the curious and the interested.

Shoe and handbag addicts.

Aspiring travellers and homebodies.

Wishful home decorators.

Lovers of flowers, furniture and food.

Champagne drinkers. Francophiles.

The ageless. 

Talking Adelaide was the name of a weekly column I wrote for the Sunday Mail in 2003, while I was chief of staff. It also became a bit of a nickname - well "Talking" did at least. I probably love to talk as much as I love to eat and drink. While this blog will have a global view it is unashamedly aimed at an Adelaide audience. 


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